INTERNATIONAL PIPE INDUSTRIES CORPORATION (IPI) was organized in November 25, 1964. Our Company is the pioneer manufacturer of large diameter spiral welded steel pipes and fabrication of fittings, not only in the Philippines but also in Southeast Asia.

The company started its commercial operations in 1967 in the manufacture of large diameter spiral welded steel pipe and fittings for water mains and distribution lines from 100 mm to 1500 mm diameter and up to 16 mm wall thickness.

IPI continued to develop its product lines, improve and upgrade its manufacturing process and facilities to successfully introduce to the local market quality spiral steel pipe for different applications and uses such as pipes intended for water lines, irrigation systems, well casings, pipe piles for bridges and port works, structural and other industrial uses. This includes the use of spiral welded steel pipe as slurry pipe lines instead of seamless pipes used by mining companies.>

On April 9,1970, (API) AMERICAN PETROLEUM INSTITUTE awarded IPI the authority to use the API Monogram on its finished product to signify conformance to the API Standard, giving IPI the distinction of being the only local manufacturer authorized to use its logo in the country and the whole of Southeast Asia.

In recognition of IPI’s technical skills and management expertise, IPI went into joint venture with an Indonesian pipe mill, the Krakatau Hoogoovens – International Pipe Industries (KHIPT) which IPI managed for 13 years.

IPI also went into fabrication of related steel pipe products such as elliptical bridge pipe pontoons; especially designed high tension transmission poles for MERALCO; and steel fittings and other special steel pipe products.

And IPI also designed and manufactured cement lined and cement mortar coated thin walled spiral welded steel pipes and fittings to suit the requirements of LWUA (Local Water Utilities Administration) for a lower cost, but complying with LWUA design and specifications.

In 1981, IPI upgraded its existing manufacturing capacity of producing maximum of 1500mm diameter to 2400mm diameter spiral welded pipes; including fabrication of accessory equipment needed in the application of outside/inside protective coatings.

As a result of IPI won the largest portion of large diameter pipe requirements of the MWSS expansion program over French, Korean, Japanese, U.S. and other local suppliers. This involves manufacturing of spiral welded steel pipes in dimensions never before produced in the Philippines ranging from 600mmØ diameter to 2200mmØ with wall thickness of up to 16mm for a total of 20,000 MT per annum.

Today, IPI is proud of its capability to produce the widest range of pipe diameters using the spiral welding process; from the smallest 100mmØ to the largest of 3600 mmØ. And with IPI’s acquisition of a complete set of state-of-the-art production line - a roto-blast pipe cleaning system for both external and internal application, IPI meets stringent requirements for cleanliness and surface profile for each pipe produced. This also includes the most modern continuous wrapping machine that can wrap up to 100 pieces of pipe in a single day.

This continuous upgrading of machineries, processes and manufacturing facilities is geared toward IPI’s goal for the re-acquisition of API Standard Accreditation. As an ISO Certified company, IPI will be the only API/ISO Certified spiral welded steel pipe manufacturing plant in the Philippines.